Publishing with us is different. Here's how.

Tailored Terms

We believe in the strength and quality of your work, not in cookie-cutter contracts. Every project we take on is tailored to your situation and project. We don't restrict your creative control over your work, and you can end your publication arrangement with us at any time. Obviously, some limitations apply... but that's part of tailoring the terms! Here are a couple of examples:

  • We create digital templates for on-demand printing, so your book never goes "out of print." When someone orders your book, the order goes to a printer who creates and ships exactly enough books to fill that order.

    There's no warehousing, no inventory, and no high-volume print runs with massive up-front costs.

    Your publication deal with us continues, and your work stays on sale, until either you or we call it off. And if that happens, all rights to your original content automatically revert to you.

    No more "out of print." No more "backlist." And no more uncertainty about what happens to your creation "if." We work all of that out with you, right from day one.

  • We think it's ridiculous that creatives have to negotiate permission from publishers to excerpt, paraphrase, or reuse their own work for publication in other venues - such as adapting a chapter into a short story or an essay, or displaying their visual art in a public portfolio, or selling prints and originals through a gallery.

    Our contracts address this situation up front: Go ahead! It's your work! If you have an opportunity to get additional exposure or income using it, we totally support you. Our contract will ask you to mention your work with us in the byline - and that's all. We believe that no publisher should have exclusive control over your creation.

Reversed Royalties

Authors don't pay anything up front to publish with us - we aren't a vanity press. We're also extremely selective about what we publish: we only take on projects that fit our ethos, by writers and artists whose work we believe in.

We know (because we're authors too!) that producing enough original content to fill a book worth reading is an enormous amount of work. So why, in a traditional publishing arrangement, do authors only receive 15% of each sale?

We understand why that used to be: the publisher took an enormous financial risk just bringing a new book to market - printing, warehousing, and distributing thousands of copies to bookstores. But digital templates, print-on-demand technology, online booksellers, and small-batch retail have changed the equation.

Royalties are overdue for an overhaul. That's why Wootton Major Publishing only keeps a baseline royalty of $2 per copy sold, and returns 100% of remaining per-sale profit back to its authors.

Perpetual Promotion

Once upon a time, mainstream publishers didn't act as general contractors of book printing and wholesale: They helped authors not just publish, but publicize their creations.

Wootton Major Publishing is bringing those bygone days back to business-as-usual. When you sign on with us, not only will you be published in perpetuity, you'll be promoted that long too. We'll help you get your book in front of the people who are most likely to want it - from arranging signings, readings, and speaking engagements if you want them, to selling your book at conferences, trade shows, and art festivals, to designing online marketing campaigns to help your book get noticed.

We believe in your book, so we put our business behind it.