In the last short story J.R.R. Tolkien published during his life, the village of Wootton Major stands at the verge between worlds. Although its residents are generally known for their skilled craftsmanship, in each generation one artisan's imagination and hard work are complemented by a gift out of Faerie: a star that endows its bearer's craftsmanship with more than common grace. To anyone observing closely, these goods reveal that reality is more beautiful and more perilous than we have taught ourselves to accept.

At Wootton Major Publishing, our mission is to promote exceptional art that reveals this grander reality. We look for work which exudes that more-than-common grace, which signals by starlight that those numinous worlds are bigger than we believed, and frightfully near: they border our backyards, brush against our bookshelves.

If your inner moth is drawn like ours to such otherworldly lights, we invite you to join us. Our catalog will soon be open for browsing; if you jot down your email, we'll alert you when it opens, as well as whenever we are about to release anything new. If you are a creative, you may want to review our Calls for Submission or sign up for our Freelancers' Company. You can also simply let us know that you stopped in by dropping us a note.

Thanks for coming. You're always welcome.